Nov 01


For our Prototype milestone this week, we needed to implement and demonstrate our core mechanics inside our engine. Those core mechanics, seen in the following video, are the ability to extrude (blue), rotate (red), and toggle tangibility (yellow) on specifically indicated blocks. We have also introduced jump pads (green) as a core mechanic for this milestone.



To use each power type, the player must first acquire the associated power from a power node (indicated by a solidly shaded cube of the same color), and they may only keep a single power at any time. We’d also like to point out that the music in this video was created by our own Collin Meredith, and is the first of many tracks that should be featured in the finished game.


In the next weeks, expect more information, screen shots, and videos regarding the game, it’s mechanics, back story, and the tech that powers it. As we gain momentum, we plan to release a lot more information on a much more regular basis.