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Apr 19

Shipped And Presented


So, we shipped our game and presented at the Student Showcase.  We worked really hard all year and think we shipped a pretty great product.  Hopefully when the game is available on the Game Gallery and you get a chance to play it, you’ll agree.  In the meantime, here’s our gameplay video!     And …

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Dec 05

First Playable – Level Progress


With our First Playable milestone presentation behind us (and having gone pretty well, no less!), we’re hard at work fixing a few outstanding issues before grade submission on Friday. This means that there will be a new game play video soon. But since that video isn’t ready yet, here are some level progress shots from our …

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Nov 01


For our Prototype milestone this week, we needed to implement and demonstrate our core mechanics inside our engine. Those core mechanics, seen in the following video, are the ability to extrude (blue), rotate (red), and toggle tangibility (yellow) on specifically indicated blocks. We have also introduced jump pads (green) as a core mechanic for this …

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Oct 19

Engine Proof

Engine Proof came and went and things went pretty well.  You can watch this video we took the day after to get a feel for the state of the engine.  Keep in mind that at this point the video is a few weeks old, but it does a good job of indicating where we were …

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Sep 16 Is Live!

Welcome to the site.  We’re just getting things up and running now that the semester has started, but stay tuned and there will be plenty of information and media released as we develop our game for the year.